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conservatory roof options

Global conservatory roof in Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, P-shape from Superior Trade Frames

Glass / Polycarb Roofs - Brands Available

The GLOBAL conservatory roof system is durable and long lasting. Available in Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, P-shape and many other styles to suit every home.


  • Low maintenance
  • Made to measure
  • Exceptional roof U-Value performance
  • Available with a range of glass options

Guardian solid conservatory roof system, Guardian tiled roof system, warm roof Superior Trade Frames

Solid Roofs

Our solid roof option is the GUARDIAN Tiled Roof system.  A Guardian Warm Roof creates a conservatory that can be used whatever the weather. A conservatory with a Guardian Warm Roof, isn't just a conservatory it's an additional room to your home.

lantern roof, skylights, Flat rooflight, Korniche, Atlas, Stratus from Superior Trade Frames

Lantern Roofs / Flat Rooflight

With regular and contemporary lantern roofs available along with stylish rooflights with minimal sightlines we have everything to suit your needs.  To bring you the best designs and prices we have teamed up with the leading brands and offer lanterns and skylights from Stratus, Korniche and Atlas.  get in touch and make us your preferred window supplier today

The Global Conservatory roof system - synseal group

A cost-effective range of Global uPVC conservatories and glass conservatory roof options which guarantee high quality, exceptional performance and ease of installation.

Guardian warm roof system

Why choose the Guardian Warm Roof tiled roof system ?  Apart from being the UK’s market leader for tiled conservatory roofs, the Guardian roof comes with a whole range of benefits and options to choose from to create the perfect living space.

korniche aluminium roof lantern

Beautifully crafted. Designed with traditional timber lines and constructed from modern materials. A Korniche Roof Lantern gives the best-looking finish whilst exceeding standards in strength, warmth, and security.