Does Double Glazing Reduce Energy Bills?

Does Double Glazing Reduce Energy Bills?

Does Double Glazing Reduce Energy Bills?

Double glazing can reduce energy bills by helping your Worcester project to retain heat inside the home. Over the last few years, the popularity amongst UK households of double glazing has soared, as it has become a major factor in property value and home improvements. Double glazing is now used in countless properties across the country and has built up a reputation as a fantastic way to improve the thermal insulation of a home.

By offering bespoke double glazing solutions to your customers, you can give them a way to invest in their property with cost effective installations. Our windows and doors are designed to precise measurements and come with a host of customisable features. This means your clients can choose the finish, size, shape and configuration of their new product right down to the hardware details. Fit your project to match the existing brickwork of the property or make a bold statement with a stand-out installation that will redefine the aesthetic.

Superior Trade Frames is a home improvement supply firm that works with trade partners across Worcester and the surrounding areas. Our expert team will manufacture world class double glazing to your exact specifications, communicating with you throughout so that you’re kept in the loop and don’t have to worry about unexpected delays. We pride ourselves on remarkably low lead times, and no job is too big or too small for us. You can get a free, no obligation quote from our online quoting engine in minutes.

How Double Glazing Works

Glass is a natural conductor of heat, which means the vast majority of a home’s internal heating is lost through windows and doors. By placing two panes of glass in each unit with a small gap in the middle, a space is created through which heat struggles to pass. When this is supported through multichambered profiles with thermal breaks, previously vulnerable products can offer an outstanding degree of thermal insulation for a property.

There are countless benefits to double glazing, the most obvious being an improvement in energy efficiency. As less warmth is lost from a property, the burden on the central heating system is lessened, which means less energy is being used. As a result, the homeowner can expect cheaper bills and a reduction in carbon emissions, making double glazing the ideal way to protect both your pocket and the planet.

Premium Supply

Our double glazing uses the added glass pane to enhance the structural integrity of the product. The security of your project is always at the forefront of our minds when designing these features, which is why we safeguard our windows and doors from potential intrusion with measures such as multipoint locking mechanisms and toughened frames. The robustness of our double glazing is evidenced by the fact that there are no weak spots or points of leverage to be exploited.

When installed properly, our units won’t just last for years to come, they’ll stay in top condition too. These models require very little in terms of maintenance – an occasional wipe with a damp cloth will be more than enough to keep them beautiful. In addition, the premium internal components ensure ease of use throughout their lifespan.

Double Glazing Prices Worcester

Make a smart long term decision to help tackle rising energy bills for your Worcester project with our double glazing. We have an online quoting engine which you can use to get a free quote, or you can message us directly through our online contact form. A friendly member of our team is waiting to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 246 1722 today!

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